Looks Can Be Deceiving


MU! All the fabulous PNK girls! I love their hoofed feet but their leg joints are super weird. Their bodies are fabulously pear shaped, but i with that their faces were molded with teh expressions on the box (varied).

Their hair is really great and fluffy, well rooted, soft and with springy curls.

It’s my birthday today! Here, have a lame picture collage of some of the shtuff I got, my face, plus a cake!

It’s my birthday today! Here, have a lame picture collage of some of the shtuff I got, my face, plus a cake!

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((Friends, tomorrow is my birthday! You want to know what I want for my birthday? Shhh of course you do. I’d like either asks or some cute starters. Make my dreams come true, I believe in you guys.))

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It was a terribly stormy day on campus. Taylor sat on her bed, a pillow tucked under her hooves. She watched from her window as the wind whipped around, causing trees to sway and leaves to blow. It was pouring outside, and Taylor could have sworn she saw flecks of ice coming down along with the rain. She wouldn’t dare go outside in this weather. Not even if there was a party going on 5 ft. from the PNK house. The wind would ruin her perfect hair, and the rain would cause her mascara to smear. That’d be the end of the world!

Taylor got up from her bed, and walked closer towards the window. All of a sudden, she spotted a large figure flying in the sky. It was carrying a red umbrella, and looked as if it was having a difficult time flying against the wind. “Is that Hardscrabble?” Taylor wondered aloud, pressing her face to the glass window. “Holy shit, that’s Hardscrabble!” Just as she said this, Abigail lost her balance and began spiraling downward. Taylor let out a gasp, and then a sigh of relief as she regained her balance and landed gracefully. Although while maneuvering her way to the ground, Abigail lost her grip on the red umbrella, and it sailed away into the sky. “Ugh, how clumsy of her! Should I bring her another?” Taylor thought to herself. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get on her good side.” So with that, Taylor grabbed an umbrella from her closet and headed downstairs. “Ms. Hardscrabble!” She yelled through the rain. “I thought you might appreciate this!” Taylor handed Abigail a red umbrella that was very similar to her previous one. The purple monster managed a smile while trying to hold her hair in place. “You’re welcome, by the way!”

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nadine-the-pnk asked: "3 of the PNK's with the style of the Kanker sisters (Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy)?"



Send me a ₩ for my character protecting yours during a thunderstorm.


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((What is my current mood? My mood is definitely always somewhere between I am fabulous and I am a loser.))

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((Oh no, you want me to post a picture of myself? Adhsjhsjhg fine here’s my stupid face))  image

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